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AQUAPOL® provide a unique protection and solution for aquaculture diseases supporting additive  for growth performance. It enhances the resistance to diseases and creates better health of fish and  shrimp.

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  • A powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger.
  • The molecular structure of Farmavet’s activated leonardite (humats) creates a coating on the virus and prevents viral replication thus reducing the spread and infection. Farmavet’s activated leonardite (humats) inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and mould.
  • Chances of infection caused by mycotoxin are reduced.
  • The fulvic acid contained in OLAQUA® can inhibit the local haemorrhage and inflammation of fish body surface and prevent the cales from falling off.
  • Being an all natural product and working in tandem with the body functions of the fish and shrimp, there is no microbial resistance problems, unlike the use of traditional antibiotics.
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